Wide range restrained flanged coupling adaptor provides a fast, easy way to connect and restrain plain-end pipe to flanged fittings. Compatible with many industry standard materials, ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, and HDPE. The ease of installation saves time and money.

Servo Coupling

Rotating shaft-driven mechanical components are commonly used in all forms of machinery that perform the various processes and functions of modern industry.

  • Shaft misalignment will place stresses on shafts and related parts of the assembly such as bearings, which can result in early failure of both.
  • Shaft ends can be misaligned radially or angularly, exhibit axial displacement, or experience a combination of all three.
  • Drive couplings can be used to compensate for shaft misalignment, whether the misalignment is an intentional or an unintentional part of the design.

Industrial Couplings

Industrial couplings keep your equipment running properly. Couplings are key to preventing too much torque, keeping power shafts aligned, and adjusting for variations inherent in any power transfer. From managing power transition to breaking off connections to prevent damage, your couplings are pivotal to keeping your equipment operating optimally.We are recognized distributors for top manufacturers across the country. For coupling sales and service, our customer have come to rely on EPT. EPT supplies a wide variety of industrial couplings that are successfully used on a plethora of applications for various industries. 

Flex Coupling Shaft

Shaft misalignment can limit the performance of machines, cause excessive wear, and often lead to premature failure. Flexible shaft couplings can help prevent these issues by transmitting torque while also accommodating for parallel, axial, and angular misalignment between drive components. High performance flexible shaft couplings can also reduce vibration, dampen noise, and protect drive shaft components from overload. Flexible shaft couplings handle large misalignments without causing high radial stress and perform better than rigid couplings in high-performance applications. EPT also offers flexible shaft couplings that do not require lubrication, creating a virtually maintenance-free solution for motion control applications.

Shaft Coupling Adapter

Shaft Adapters are designed to modify, extend or repair an existing shaft and provide a fully machineable male output shaft with minimum effort and expense. Standard keyways provide added torque capacity and fixed shaft phasing.

EPT Rigid Shaft Couplings & Shaft Adapters are designed to join shafts of different sizes and configurations, extend shafts, and provide different mating options. Allowing drive system modifications without the need for major redesigns and replacement shafts, they are available in a variety of configurations made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Clamp Coupling

Clamp-style couplings attach an encoder shaft to another rotating shaft to transfer rotation between the shafts in a precise manner. They also reduce wear and tear on bearings that can lead to costly maintenance and reduced life of your encoder. Using EPT  couplings will help extend the operational life of your encoder and guarantee accuracy. The construction of a EPT  Coupling consists of two hubs (that attach to the shafts) and a center flex member. This flexible element is affixed to the hubs through pins. Clamp-style hubs provide a positive, secure shaft connection. The clamp-style EPT  Couplings are available with a single flex disc for standard torque capacity, or with two flex discs for increased torque capacity, torsional stiffness, and length.

Elastic Coupling

Elastic Coupling is a device used for the longitudinal joining of two rotating parts of a machine , designed to compensate for the relative displacement of the parts’ axes and to absorb the shocks caused by joining the parts.

These Aluminum shaft couplers allow you to couple two size shafts together. They can be used for connecting motor shafts to drive shafts, or two different-sized shafts. One-piece design allows flexible coupling to achieve a zero clearance to transmit torque and no maintenance advantages. Flexible coupling is the preferred product, In many stepper, servo system, Practical applications.

Flanged Coupling
A coupling having two separate flange hubs with the keyed fit to the individual shaft. These two flanges will be joined together with the bolted pattern. On one flange there will be an outward projecting machined area called pilot or spigot, and on the other flange there will be a corresponding recess machined to make the perfect alignment for both flanges.

The inherent design of the “Flange Coupling” will help maintain shaft alignment and is also capable of handling heavy loads. This feature adapts it for use on large shafts and large, heavy equipment.

There are three different types of flange couplings.

  • Unprotected type flange coupling (The bolts and nuts are totally exposed)
  • Protected type flange coupling  (The bolts and nuts are recessed in the flanges)
  • Marine type flange coupling (Flanges are an integral part of the shaft)

“Flange Coupling” transmits the highest values of load, as any shaft coupling design on the market. The concept of torque transmission may be described differently by various manufacturers, while the method of attachment and connection will remain basically the same among the. One manufacturer will tell you that it is the “clamping force” of the bolts, causing high friction between the faces of the flanges, is what actually transmit the power, while another will say that the mechanical strength of the bolts is actually the method of power transmission. In either case, this type of shaft coupling transmits 100% of the power from the driver to the driven equipment, with no loss due to flexing of components. And while this is all true, ONE thing that stands out as a “con”, is that with zero ability to withstand angular and/or parallel misalignment, equipment alignment is VERY critical. We definitely recommend “Laser Alignment” or expert dial indicator alignment during the installation process.

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