RRS and RRSC Kind Radially Removable Spacer Couplings
RRS Style couplings selection from sizes RRS090 to RRS225. The RRS Form
coupling includes:
RRS090 – RRS110:
two Common RRS Hubs
1 Spacer Assembly consisting of:
two snap wrap spiders w/o ring
2 collars with screws
one spacer
RRS150 – RRS225:
1 Typical RRS Hub
one Typical RRSC Hub – Drilled for collar
one Spacer Assembly consisting of:
2 snap wrap spiders w/o ring
two collars with screws
1 spacer
RRS Style Inch Hubs presented common with two set screws at 90°.
Conventional API based mostly spacers out there
Radially removable inserts
Standard Lovejoy hub style and design with more set screw at 90°

C Type Couplings
The C Type coupling includes two typical hubs, one particular cushion set and collar with hardware.
Better torque and bore capability compared to the L-Line series jaw coupling
Elastomeric cushions are radially removable
Cushions available in SXB rubber and Hytrel